Request for Proposals

The Sharing A Vision Conference Committee invites workshop presentation and innovation showcase proposals for the 2021 Biennial Conference.

We invite proposal submissions that support the conference theme and reflect recommended practices in early education for young children birth to age 8. Each proposal is required to acknowledge the conference theme and align with the principles in the NAEYC’s Advancing Equity in Early Childhood Education statement.

Conference Theme: “Everyone Belongs: Creating Equitable and Inclusive Spaces for All”
Dates: October 6 – 8, 2021
Location: The 2021 conference will be virtual.

All RFP’s are now closed for the 2021 SAV Conference


  • Workshop Presentation Proposal Details: All workshops will be 60 minutes in duration. The opportunity for a double session may be available.
  • Innovation Showcase Proposal Details: (formerly Showcasing / Creative Expressions Art Gallery) An opportunity to briefly highlight how your program or classroom has been innovative in meeting the needs of children, families, or staff, and share your positive outcomes. Applicants choose how to exhibit their work on a virtual platform (i.e., photos, video, slide show, PowerPoint, or other tech tools). Includes an opportunity to interact with conference participants.



  • Proposals Due: February 28, 2021
  • Acceptance Date: March 31, 2021 (only the lead presenter will be notified)
  • Presentation Handouts for the Guidebook App: September 3, 2021



  • Workshop Presenter: Each presentation and innovation showcase can have up to three total presenters (1 lead presenter and 2 co-presenters).
  • Complimentary Main Conference Registration: All presenters and showcase representatives must register for the conference. Each accepted application will receive one complimentary main conference registration for one PERSON ONLY. All other presenters and showcase representative must pay the registration fee to attend the conference.



Please review the below RFP Informational document so you can have everything prepared before you start completing the online form. Once you start the form you have 30 minutes to complete it. This document lists out everything you will be asked in the online form. Click here to view the RFP information document.


  • Before you submit your online form, you need to know if you are submitting for a Workshop Presentation or an Innovation Showcase.
  • Click the appropriate link below for workshop presentation or innovation showcase to submit your application. We are only accepting proposals through the online forms.
  • You can submit for both a workshop presentation and an innovation showcase or more than one of the same. However, you must submit one at a time and then log back in and submit another if you choose to.
  • If you have any questions during this process, contact Deb at ISU Conference Services at
  • One you start your application you have 30 minutes to complete it or the form will timeout. Make sure you have all the below information ready before you begin.
  • When filling out the form, if you receive an error message for missing a required field, scroll down to that field and complete. DO NOT use the back button or your information will be lost. After you get to your order details screen, you MUST scroll to the bottom of the screen and hit SUBMIT. You will know when you have submitted the form when you receive a confirmation in green.
  • Each person needs to create their own account. Do not share your login information with another person or it will overwrite your submission.


Make sure you have reviewed the above information and the RFP Informational document before you start filling out the online form. Click the appropriate link below to begin.

Complete the Workshop Presentation Form

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