Professional Development Training Hours

Several continuing education credits are offered through the Sharing A Vision Conference, including Illinois State Board of Education professional development, Illinois Department of Professional Regulation, Gateways Registry, and Early Intervention credentialing hours. See below for details on how to obtain credit. If you have any questions, credentialing assistance will be provided at the Help Booth. You can also email or with subject line SAV during or after the conference.   

For all types of continuing education credit:

  1. Attend sessions as desired during the two-day conference.
  2. Complete session evaluation at the end of each session in the app.
  3. Keep track of all sessions attended. Use the At-A-Glance schedule to help with this. Sessions eligible for Early Intervention credit are identified in the last column. Tally total contact hours and early intervention contact hours prior to completing the conference evaluation. NOTE: You must attend the ENTIRE session to receive credit. All sessions receive 1.5 hours of credit.
  4. Once you have attended your final session, complete the conference evaluation found in the app under the “conference evaluation” tab. Select “yes” to the question “Do you want to receive continuing education credit?” If you do not select yes, you will not complete the appropriate questions to receive credit. Select all sessions attended and input total hours. Credit is given on a 1:1 basis. For example, sessions are 1.5 hours so they receive 1.5 hours of credit. You will also need your IEIN number, Gateways number, and/or IDFPR license number if you are wanting those credit types. Do not complete the conference evaluation until you have attended your last session.  It is also very important to make sure your email address is entered in correctly.
  5. At the end of the conference evaluation, you will receive an automated follow-up email. Please check your junk mail. The follow-up email will contain a record of your evaluation responses. Save this for your records as it lists the sessions you attended. Responses will be emailed from with the subject heading “New Form Response-Conference Evaluation.”
  6. Conference evaluations cannot be accepted after October 20, 2023, so no credit will be given through Sharing a Vision after that time.
  7. An email will be sent to your email on record after the close of the conference regarding continuing education credit and a general conference attendance certificate will be attached. Save the certificate for your records.
  8. If the conference evaluation is not completed, no credit will be given with any exceptions.

Information Regarding Specific Types of Credentialing

Early Intervention Credentialing

  • Sessions approved for Early Intervention Credentialing are indicated on the “At-a-Glance” form.
  • Turn in documentation (certificate of attendance and conference evaluation responses, which are emailed to you after completion of the conference evaluation) to the Early Intervention Provider Connections department at the time of credential renewal.

Gateways Registry Verified Conference

  • Attendees who are Gateways registry members will receive credit on their professional development record for each session they attend at the conference. Gateways will enter credits after November 1, 2023.

Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation

  • This applies to continuing education (CE) for Speech-Language Pathologists, Social Workers, Licensed Clinical Professional Counselors, Occupational Therapists and Physical Therapists.
  • Keep for your records documentation, including the certificate of attendance and conference evaluation responses, which are emailed to you after completion of the conference evaluation.

Illinois State Board of Education Licensed Educator Professional Development Credit Hours

  • The conference evaluation will ask if you would like to receive ISBE credit. Select yes, and you must provide your IEIN number. If you do not know your IEIN number, visit this site. No credit will be given without answering ISBE related questions on the conference evaluation and submitting your IEIN number.  
  • For those attending the conference and completing the conference evaluation with ISBE credit identified, the ISBE Evidence of Completion form will be emailed after November 1. Write in your name and total hours, which match your responses, on the ISBE Evidence of Completion form.
  • For your records, keep the ISBE Evidence of Completion form and conference evaluation responses.