Creative Expressions Art Gallery

Back by popular demand, the Sharing A Vision Conference will feature an exhibit and raffle of young children’s artwork gathered from across the state.   This is a great opportunity to showcase the creative work that the children have been doing in your program!  

Children attending early childhood programs in Illinois are eligible to participate in this exciting art experience.  Creative Expression Art Gallery committee members will be looking for pieces of artwork that are representative of developmentally appropriate practices (DAP).  Developmentally appropriate art experiences provide young children with many opportunities to learn how to express themselves using a variety of media such as paint, crayons, markers, clay, paper, wood, metal, plastic, collage materials, etc.  Through open exploration of these materials young children learn about the many aspects of art including but not limited to color, shape, design, and drawing.  Simply put, developmentally appropriate art experiences for young children focus on the process instead of the end product.  

Artwork meeting the above criteria will be displayed in the Creative Expressions Art Gallery.  Participants at the conference will be able to view the artwork as well as learn about the processes used to create the pieces.  The programs that have submitted these pieces will have the chance to receive supplies to continue to provide DAP art experiences for the children!

Please contact one of your art committee representatives to make arrangements for the pickup/delivery of quality art gallery items!

Anna Owen
Northwest Illinois – Quad City Area

Carissa Carlson
Central Illinois

Mary Wonderlick
Chicago Area

For more information, or to help spread the word about the Creative Expressions Art Gallery with other early childhood professionals, please download and print the forms below!

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