Presenter FAQ

Presenters’ Frequently Asked Questions

How do I submit a proposal?
Visit this link to submit  The deadline for submissions is 1/31/2017.

When will know if my proposal has been accepted?
Acceptance Date is March 30, 2017.  You will receive an email notifying you.  The email will only go to the main presenter.


How long will my session be?
The conference workshops will be 90 minutes in duration.

Do I need to register for the conference?
Yes you will.  You will receive a registration link from us for one person to use for the complimentary main conference registration.  Co-presenters are required to register also.

Do I need to make my own hotel reservation?
Yes, information will be in the registration information.  All hotel rooms are the responsibility of the presenter.


What is Marketplace?
Presenter marketplace is where presenters may sell their materials/books immediately following their presentation. SAV is not able to provide staff to assist with the selling of these items.  Presenters need to indicate on your proposal you are interested and we will provide you with a table outside your room to sell after your session.


What about handouts for my session?
In our efforts to go green, SAV will not be making copies of any presenter handouts. We strongly encourage you to get your handouts to us by September 30, 2017 in order to provide them to registrants online. If you are unable to provide SAV with your handouts, it will be your responsibility to bring copies for participants on the day of your presentation. Presenters will be notified of room capacity to prepare handouts for the presentation.


What about AV?
SAV will provide Internet access, a screen and power cart for each workshop session. SAV will also have a limited number of LCD projectors available during each session. A fee of $25.00 per session will be required to reserve a projector and you must request in your proposal.  Presenters must bring their own laptop and connectors.


What if something changes and I need to cancel?
Please contact as soon as possible.