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Beyond Survival: Building Your Resilience We may not be able to control everything that is happening in the classroom, but we can control how we respond. When challenging behavior occurs, teachers need to be powerfully present, emotionally responsive, and a role model of healthy social and emotional behavior. Personal resilience is the capacity to prevent, tolerate, overcome and be enhanced by adverse events and experiences. When we are not in control of ourselves, our response to a child’s inappropriate behavior can make things worse. Strengthening resilience allows us to moderate our feelings, thoughts and behaviors, enables us to respond effectively to challenges and encourages us to develop new skills. Rather than focusing on managing stress, a more productive approach is often to focus on fostering resilience.

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Barbara Kaiser - challengingbehavior.comBarbara Kaiser is the coauthor of Challenging Behavior in Young Children and Challenging Behavior in Elementary and Middle School. She has taught at Acadia University in Wolfville, Nova Scotia, and Concordia University and College Marie-Victorin in Montreal, Canada.

In addition to presenting workshops, keynote speeches, and webinars on challenging behavior throughout the world, Barbara has acted as chief consultant for Facing the Challenge, an instructional DVD based on Challenging Behavior in Young Children (produced by Devereux Early Childhood Initiative), and for Mr. Rogers’ Family Communications, Inc. She has also consulted for several regional projects; developed a comprehensive intervention to prevent and address violence among young people aged 5 to 15; and created a series of webinars and guides on bullying for the Nova Scotia Department of Education.

Over a period of 25 years, Barbara founded and served as the director of two child care centers and an after-school program. A master’s degree in educational administration from McGill University gives her a firm theoretical foundation, but above all, her perspective is practical, realistic, and compassionate, stemming from decades of working with actual children, families, and teachers in real situations.

She is a citizen of the U.S. and Canada.

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